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There was a time where Bitcoin was not even on the radar, it was a novel idea that was primarily used by thieves and drug dealers on the dark web. Ola Doudin, CEO and co-founder of Dubai-based start-up BitOasis, which facilitates Bitcoin transactions across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), claims typical fees payable on Bitcoin transactions are around one to three percent, compared to seven percent for some exchange houses, depending on the destination.

Bitcoins are growing in popularity, and although they were largely used by speculators who were looking at it as a way to make money by buying bitcoins at lower prices and selling them at higher prices (much like trading foreign exchange or forex), there is a growing trend of businesses accepting Bitcoin as a form of payment.

There’s a low cost for entry, you don’t pay a lot of fees and millennials are the most tech-savvy,” said John Guarco, 22, a recent graduate living on Staten Island who, like most of the people interviewed for this article, asked that names of the coins he has invested in not be published for fear of being targeted by hackers.

Think of it this way: if Google created a Googlecoin so that every time you search on Google you need to spend a small amount of Googlecoin, then this would create demand for Googlecoins and support for their price, even if they are not a currency per se and only useful on the Google platform.

Cross, doing some back-of-the-envelope math, estimates that a $300 RX 580 card that may have paid for itself in 2-to-3 months after factoring electricity costs when Ether prices were near their peak “will now take over 6 months, at best.” And that doesn’t account for whatever value small-scale miners assign to the time they have to spend setting up and operating their mining rigs.

For US-based investors, CoinBase is one of the leading exchanges to offer cryptocurrency trading on Bitcoin, and recently integrated with Fidelity Investments so Fidelity clients can see their Coinbase balances from their Fidelity brokerage accounts.

Cryptocoincharts – this site offers charts and the orderbook for over seventy cryptocurrencies, and for many currencies the site shows data for multiple exchanges and, in several cases, even data for exchanges converting directly between that currency and the USD or Euro.

My best friend, and best man, almost invested in “bitcoin” when it was around $3,000.00 dollars a “coin”, and I told him once this thing goes parabolic (which it currently has), then you can expect to lose a lot when it comes tumbling down (I also mentioned he has no idea what he would actually be purchasing with his dollars).

While cryptocoin defenders are keen to extol the virtues of their online community, it does raise (even more) questions about what the actual point of all this pretend computer cash is. Is it intended as an economic game-changer that people can make real money from, or just a way of dishing out likes or recommends with a furry mascot attached?

Cryptocurrency is a booming segment of the global financial industry despite the cynicism and the negativity surrounding it. As an unusual and mysterious unregulated payment method, it has managed to penetrate the most unusual locales of our existing (online and offline) transactional world.

It’s goal is to allow people around the world to have cheaper and efficient access to computing power that essentially will have no down-time, no-fuss about storage, and is decentralized due to its blockchain-based platform which means it is very secure.

Since the above is the case, a good start for any American wishing to trade cryptocurrency is starting with  (the most popular cryptocurrency website in America, and a service that offers a single platform for a Bitcoin wallet, Ethereum wallet, Litecoin wallet and a currency exchange).

Mistrust in fiat currencies , or currencies created and backed solely by faith in a government, both because of the modern banking system and because of the inherent nature of fiat currency, has in large part been why gold has been used as such a reliable store of value over millennia.

To position itself as a cryptocurrency hub, Switzerland has tried to write regulations that will allow cryptocurrency companies to thrive—a process other governments are still struggling with as they weigh the costs and benefits of this evolving technology.

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