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Micro Payments. Invest It In

Cryptocurrency is the next evolution of money. The result is that a wide-ranging group of bitcoin stakeholders—everyone from consumers and merchants to bitcoin miners and service providers—will now fall under the larger umbrella of bitcoin investors” in some way or another, and this group will now have to deal with complicated and sometimes daunting reporting requirements.

In tandem with this growth, the crypto ecosystem is flourishing, with new exchanges, crypto mining operations, fund managers, advisers, marketers, smart contract builders, application developers and others rapidly expanding to plug gaps and capitalise on the bull run of this new technology boom.

One of the most successful results was achieved when the Aragon ICO entered the exchange: their Current Token Price to Token Sale Price ratio is 2.5. When considering this indicator, it is important to remember that the Aragon ICO ended on May 17, 2017, so their efficiency grew 2.5 times over the course of about 3.5 months.

Also helping push Ether up-and-to-the-right, is the recent uptick in ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings), which have become the new norm in fundraising for blockchain-based startups, preferred by many over raising money from traditional VCs and outside investors.

If your Bitcoin is in an online exchange AND that exchange supports both currencies, you should have equal amounts of each at the point where they split (if it doesn’t, presumably your BCC will disappear, possibly into a wallet owned by that exchange, possibly not, but either way, you only have the one currency, and only have as much as you had of it).

If we can successfully raise this $5 million pre-ICO in cryptocurrencies our plan is to pull in top scientists, business leaders, politicians, and professors from around the world to help humanity find the answers to some of our generations toughest challenges.

At the same time, the scaling problem of prevailing blockchain solutions will likely necessitate a convention of using off-chain platforms for smaller transactions, as Nick Szabo has suggested Such transactions do involve counterparty risk but not credit creation as such; such networks operate more like debit cards.

I don’t think Crypto was ever a sentiment project, two for the price of one if the split sticks, but I don’t believe in Crypto because it will never pay my pension, Bitcoin is basically barter at best or a pyramid selling at worst, but it has no end in sight because it represents a political movement, China gave it it’s leg up for that reason and will do so again, I think it’s the first ever successful anarchist project Bitcoin will stay out in front because the anarchists have got the power and they know if Bitcoin gives way to Ether Bright Bart is moving in.

I know for a fact that I’m certainly not remotely smart or knowledgeable enough to pull off this kind of short term investment that aims to profit from market sentiment alone, especially not in the turbulent, mercurial waters of cryptocurrency, and that’s all I can say about this here.

The main resource which is used to announce new forks is a topic on started specifically for this: Here the creators of new cryptocurrencies announce them to public, proclaim the idea of the new currency, point out locations from where to download clients for new forks, mining pools, exchanges which accept the coin and a lot of other useful information.

Like Quark, Zetacoin (ZET) has a supply of 160 million coins that will be mined out within a year, with a “small yearly inflation” ( as can be seen here ). And as such, will also see a quick consolidation in price, followed by a deflationary price for ZetaCoin.

Club Currencies- I’m not sure this has been done yet, but maybe it has and no one has mentioned it. But a small group of people, like a Club or a Union or an Organization of some sort, like a Church, could start their own Currency, and just trade it amongst themselves at their own decided value for Fiat or Barter.

Many believe that such a hard fork needs at least a year to prepare, not only to properly verify the code that will be handling billions of dollars of transactions, but also to understand if the change is fundamentally going to work for the benefit of bitcoin.

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